Our aim is to provide all of our customers with quality solutions, along with a service which is second to none. We are delighted that our customers feel we have achieved this. Here are some of their comments.

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Troubled Families

Broad range of reporting (including school reports, police areas and children’s centres), family lookups and dashboards.

“The Fibonacci system has allowed us to manage the raw data for the programme and submit payment by results claims efficiently, complete Family Progress Data reporting and improve the efficiency and accuracy of our data. It has also opened up a range of easy to use reporting methods and opportunities to support the work undertaken across the programme, allowing us to look at the whole cohort and compare projects and present outcomes to strategic leads, partners and heads of service in an easy to understand format.” Zahra Dhamani, Programme Manager,
Strengthening Families, Milton Keynes Council

Emergency Social Work Team

“The Fibonacci system has helped us immensely with pulling together our ESWT Stats which helps with informing and influencing our practice as well as targeting resources. The devised ESWT dashboard allows us to view stats quickly and monitor how busy the team is whilst also allowing us to review who our key customers and contacts are. These tools will significantly help us with performance management and evidence how busy our team is.” Garry Lake, FAST Team Manager,
Children and Families, Milton Keynes Council

So Easy To Use

“It has been a breath of fresh air working with Fibonacci, their consultants deliver our requirements fully and within timescales, we have seen a real culture shift with Managers and Team Leaders generating their own reports for the first time, the software is so easy to use and at their fingertips. Senior Managers are welcoming graphical reporting displaying trends and priorities in a visual format. Caseworkers on the ground are finding it invaluable to see who else is working with and supporting the same family across Social Care and Universal Education teams. It has been a revelation to our internal report writers being able to create reports seamlessly across different systems in a single report” Julie Scorer, Capita One and Fibonacci Co-ordinator,
Milton Keynes Council

To see more about the use of fSeries at Milton Keynes Council, click here

Using fDocs

fDocs is a wonderful product, which takes data from your database and shoves it into Word templates. It’s fast, secure and easy to setup and use. All the user needs to do is to select the appropriate report from a menu. If only the rest of life was so straightforward.Bath & North East Somerset Council

Benefits of fDocs

“We are especially pleased with Fibonacci’s output engine fDocs, this has assisted our business processes to achieve the best possible outcomes for the end users. Enabling us to have all of our outputs in a single format and accessible from a single system has been a great selling point when getting the business on board with implementation of the solution.”Newcastle City Council

Benefits of fPanels

“We have used fPanels to extract  and present ‘Management Information ‘ from our educational, social care and youth justice system.  Managers have found accessing the information in this way a real advantage as it is quicker than using multiple systems as it is all in one place and they get they need in a couple of clicks.”Merton Council

Fibonacci Support

“From an in-house support point of view their solutions are intuitive and require little to no training or prior technical knowledge and on the odd occasion where direct support is required by Fibonacci (eg upgrades) the staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable.”Newcastle City Council

Using Client View

“Very positive feedback about Client View and how well received it has been by Social Work staff: even those who generally tend not to be so confident with IT. ..I love your system, it’s so easy…”Gateshead Council

Our Customer Service

“We at Newcastle find Fibonacci are always going above and beyond the specification and working with us and our end users to get the best possible solution that meets our business need.”Newcastle City Council