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At the heart of fSeries is its ability to gather data. The way in which generated documents (fDocs) and online presentations (fPanels) work is to request a set of data from fData about a specific subject. It might be a person, a family, an address, a team. The important thing is that fData is not providing open access to data but instead it gathers a set of data for a purpose.

fData - Chronology fData Group

The data that is gathered, and the places it’s gathered from are up to you. The fData design tool lets you select the data you want for a set of data (called a Data Set Definition, DSD) without coding and mostly just selecting from options and lists.

Once you have set up a DSD, it can be used to create documents and presentations.

Where your data comes from is up to you. It’s likely you will have a number of different databases and systems where useful information is kept. Provided there is some means of accessing a data source, fData can be used to get data from it for the set of data you are gathering.

In many cases it will be by using database queries for which you can use the fSeries Query Builder. In others fSeries may already have a plugin that connects to the system’s application programme interface (API) or web service. If not, it’s a relatively simple job for Fibonacci to create a plugin for it.