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fPanels visualises data from fData on-screen, both desktop and tablet. Presentations are interactive with comprehensive content in a single page, drill-down to further data, links to other presentations and links to fDocs documents.

fPanels - fPanels Viewer

The content and layout of an fPanels presentation are up to you, created using a non-technical design tool that lets you see how your presentation will look as you build and design it.

Some features available when designing presentations:

  • Different content layouts – record, grid, list view
  • Field and record highlighters – g. red, amber, green
  • Filters – click in one panel to filter contents of another
  • Record sorting
  • List and detail structure – click on a row to see detail in another panel
  • Connections to more data – drill-down in the same presentation
  • Links to other presentations – drill-down/across
  • Links and menus to fDocs documents
  • Charts – pie, line, area, bar, etc
  • Auto refresh of data