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fRemote lets you create a network of fSeries servers and share data between them, with the owner of each fSeries server having complete control over who can request data and exactly what data they can receive.

fRemote Network

The key issues that fRemote addresses are:

  • Full control over the data you share with others
  • Full control over who can access your shared data
  • Simple access to others’ shared data
  • Once set up, no new skills are required as either data requester or data provider.

fRemote lets you exchange data but only by permitting access to specific DSDs. You simply mark the DSD as being available to remote requests and optionally make specific DSDs available to specific requesters. Once you have set up and provided the security details to the other organisation they can include your DSD as part of their DSDs.

This gives you complete control over the data you make available, using the same tools you use to create your own documents and presentations.